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Service Panel Upgrades


Your electrical service determines how much electricity your home or business can use. Electrical service upgrades increase your property’s value, prepare it for clean energy solutions such as  electric vehicles and heat pumps, and allow fot the installation of additional electric appliances in the future.

Backup Generators


Whether you are looking to install an automatic standby generator or a portable emergency generator we can help. Contact us to day to learn more about the different backup generator  options we have available.

Landscape Lighting


A well designed landscape lighting system can transform an outdoor living space and create a relaxing nighttime ambiance in which to entertain family and friends. Landscape lighting can also enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal as well as make it safer for both family and visitors.

Recessed & Track Lighting


Recessed and track lighting can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of the interior of your home or office.  When properly positioned and installed these lights can create a more inviting environment in which to work or play.

Security Lighting


With rising crime rates it is more important than ever to have outdoor security lighting for your home and business. Strategically placed security lights can deter would-be criminals and trespassers as well as providing lighting for security cameras.

Fan Installation


Whether you are looking to install a ceiling fan, an attic ventilator fan, or an exhaust fan we have the expertise to get the job done right first time.

Appliance Circuits


In order to ensure major appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, washers, and dryers have the energy they need to function properly, they should have their own dedicated circuit. 



Homes and businesses can experience a wide range of electrical issues which, if ignored, can have costly and even life-threatening consequences. Our team of certified electricians can troubleshoot and resolve these issues quickly and safely.

Other Services


List other services provided here as necessary.

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